Terms & Conditions


Programs include trips, classes, and special events held wherein the Tubby Hook Paddle Company is the primary provider of services.

Participants must inform instructors and guides of any health or medical issues that may require attention, for both on-water and on-land programs. This may be expressed privately, and will be held in confidence. If medication may be required during the program, inform the instructor or guide where it is kept and ensure it is accessible. Examples include, but are not limited to: allergies, heart conditions; muscle or skeletal injuries, history of major surgery, and mental conditions, including history of seizures.

Participants with sensory disabilities should contact the company prior to registering for an event, to ensure adequate support and communication during the event.

Participants for on-water programs must agree to and sign a waiver of liability.

Participants in events advertised as “American Canoe Association” (ACA) assessments will also need to be or become ACA members, and complete an ACA event participation waiver. The ACA’s Essential Eligibility criteria will also apply.

All classes held at the American Canoe Association (ACA) camp on Lake Sebago, New York, require participants to hold current ACA membership status.

Payment does not guarantee participation. If a guide or instructor determines that a participant is not adequately prepared for a program, an alternate option will be recommended. If this occurs prior to the program’s start, then a full refund may be offered. If this occurs after the start of a program, there will be no refund, but payment will be credited towards another program.


All programs will take precautions, as follow, against Covid-19. However, there are no guarantees against the spread of Covid-19.

Generally, guidance from the US CDC is followed. Guidance may change more quickly than this page, so there may be variance in an actual event. Federal, state, and local rules will be followed, along with rules for a specific venue where applicable, such as a club or camp.

  • Fully-vaccinated participants do not need to wear a mask or maintain social-distancing, unless in a mixed-vaccination status group.
  • Partially-vaccinated or non-vaccinated participants should wear a mask and maintain social distancing of approximately six feet or more, except when on the water.
  • Partially-vaccinated or non-vaccinated participants should maintain social distancing of approximately six feet or more when on the water, wherever possible.
  • In mixed-vaccination status groups, neck gaitors (i.e. “Buffs”) should be worn and used to cover mouth and nose in the event of activities closer than six feet with another person on the water.
  • Masks should be kept dry. Drybags or double-Ziplocs are recommended.


Cancellation by participants of program attendance more than 72 hours (three days) in advance will receive a full refund, less prepaid costs associated with the event that cannot be recovered, unless the course is an Instructor Development Workshop (IDW) or Instructor Certification Exam (ICE). See below for IDW and ICE policies.

Cancellation by participants of program attendance less than 72 hours (three days) in advance will receive a 50% refund.

Cancellation by participants on the day-of, as well as late or no-shows, will receive no refund except at the discretion of the Tubby Hook Paddle Company.

IDW and ICE: Instructor Development Workshops and Instructor Certification Exams are American Canoe Association classes to “train the trainer”; successful completion will result in a participant qualifying to be an ACA-certified instructor. Due to the additional planning and effort required, the cancellation policy for both IDWs and ICEs is as follows:

  • Cancellation by a participant more than thirty days before the first day of the course will result in a full refund.
  • Cancellation by a participant more than fourteen days but less than thirty days of the course will result in a 50% refund.
  • Cancellation by a participant fourteen days or less will result in no refund.


  • Participants may cancel at no cost if they experience symptoms of Covid or are exposed to someone known to have Covid.
  • Programs may be cancelled by Tubby Hook Paddle Company on very short notice, with a full refund to participants.

Start times: Advertised start times are estimated based on preliminary planning; all programs will include a final communication to registered participants that includes the finalized start time. Due to the nature of offered programs, participants who arrive late may be unable to participate.

Cancellations by the company may be made due to weather or unavailability of an instructor or guide due to emergency.

In the event that this determination is made more than 72 hours (three days) before the program is scheduled, the Tubby Hook Paddle Company will attempt to reschedule the event, as well as offer a refund to customers who decline the rescheduled event, inclusive of non-recoverable costs.

In the event that this determination is made less than 72 hours (three days) before a program is scheduled, or the day-of, a full refund will be offered to all participants, inclusive of non-recoverable costs.

Weather: Programs may be cancelled if the prevailing predicted conditions include winds in excess of Force 5 (16-20 mph), thunderstorms, or, where applicable, conditions that exceed the remit of the program.


Goods are sold for local pickup, or may be shipped at cost to buyer.

Goods described as “used”,  “vintage” or “secondhand” are sold without manufacturer warranty.

Unused goods may be returned within 14 (fourteen) days of date of purchase for a refund, less a 10% restocking fee. Customers seeking a return MUST contact the company ahead of time. Return shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. If, on inspection, the goods demonstrate evidence of use, the Tubby Hook Paddle Company reserves the right to refuse a refund.

The Tubby Hook Paddle Company makes no representations of and disclaims any warranty that any given piece of equipment is appropriate for any given buyer’s paddlesport ability.


The Tubby Hook Paddle Company respects customer privacy and takes the following steps to ensure it.

Customer names and personal identification information are not shared with other outfitters, clubs, or agencies, except where required for legal and liability purposes.

The Tubby Hook Paddle Company does not retain customer credit card information.

Customer health information and medical history is kept confidential between each customer and the instructors and guides involved in a given program.

Photography and Videography: Customers in photos or videos used for promotional purposes will not be identified by name without their express written consent. Customers may, however, be identified by initials. Customers who do not want to be shown or identified at all in promotional photos or video must indicate this on the Tubby Hook Paddle Company waiver where indicated.