Announcing Sea Leader Development Course

As mentioned in the New Year’s email, here are some details about the Sea Leader Development Course.

The Sea Leader Award is a British Canoeing leadership award. While personal paddling skills are part of the assessment for the award, navigation and group management skills are also part of the award. Sea Leaders are considered capable of leading a small group of kayakers in a moderate tidal environment with winds not exceeding Beaufort Force 4.

The Sea Leader Development Course is a long-term paddler development program, meant to support a paddler’s journey towards being assess for the Sea Leader award. Part of that support is working with potential candidates consistently over time, in order to provide individualized feedback along the way, with a recommended action plan at the end, including options for assessment.

The course fee includes at least six sessions through the calendar year, covernig an introduction to British Canoeing and the award itself, along with:

  1. Trip Planning, Tidal Currents, and Navigation.
  2. Personal Paddling Skills Check
  3. Rescues and Incident Management
  4. Two day trips.
  5. One long weekend to practice planning and leading small groups in a moderate environment.

This course is preparation for the award; the award itself would need to be assessed by a qualified provider. Awarding also requires the aspirant to be a member of British Canoeing -details of which will be part of this course. However, this development course does not require membership, and would be a good course for anyone aspiring to lead small groups of sea kayakers.

The venues for this course will be spread around the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut area, so you should be able to transport yourself, boat, and kit.

To sign up, simply drop a line to by February 1. We’ll have a chat, and if you’re still interested, you’ll receive an invoice and scheduling information.

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